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Our team of certified technicians can take care of all your semi tire services, either in our shop or on site.

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Commercial Truck Tire Service

Commercial trucks put on millions of miles in their lifetime, and wear through several sets of tires. Unexpected downtime and premature wear aren’t just inconvenient – they take your truck off the road, resulting in lost productivity. Tire Factory does more than just passenger tires. Our skilled mechanics can perform your commercial tire services so you can get your truck back where it belongs fast, and that’s on the road.

Your Complete Source for Semi Truck Tire Services

As a full-service tire retailer, Tire Factory can look after your needs, even if you require commercial tire services. Our facility is equipped to handle tire services for any heavy hauler, from tandem axle trucks and commercial delivery vehicles to reefers, trailers, day cabs, and long-haul semi trucks.

Tire Repairs – flat tires are never convenient, and that’s especially so for a vehicle that only makes you money while it’s moving.Tire Factory can repair a flat tire quickly so you’re back on the road as fast as possible.

A Trusted Name in the Industry

When you hear the name Tire Factory, you can take comfort knowing that tire experts are ready to help. Our mechanics are certified and experienced in commercial tire services and replacements, so the results you get are top notch.

But we go beyond tire services. It’s the expert advice and friendly customer service that sets Tire Factory apart. We value our customers and take great pride in providing the no-nonsense commercial tire services you need.

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