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Our team of certified technicians can take care of all your Agricultural tire services, either in our shop or on site.

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Farm Tire Service

Every truck and each piece of machinery serves a purpose, and that’s to keep your operation running smoothly. The tires on your farm equipment have to be reliable at all times. Otherwise, production on your farm grinds to a halt.Tire Factory is your source for personal vehicle tires, and also your best choice for farm tire service, maintaining productivity with farm tire sales and service.

All Kinds of Farm Tire Service

Whether your operation deals with livestock, crops, or a combination of the two, heavy equipment is certainly involved. Farm tractors, combines, harrows, augers, grain trucks – anything on wheels in your operation – depends on tires to keep it mobile.

But in the course of business on a farm, tire damage is likely. Tires degrade from sun exposure, and of course, tires wear out from use. But you can’t let it hamper production because you have better things to do with your time than dealing with tire related problems.

Tire Factory takes care of all farm tire services. Puncture repairs, tire replacements, and on-site service are common practice for our hardworking team. Whenever you need farm tire service, let our tire professionals do it for you.

Expert Service and Advice

Our tire experts understand the challenges you face – cost, loss of production, and most of all, time. That’s precisely why our technicians provide no-nonsense farm tire service with your needs in mind. Whether you need replacement tires and installation for your tractor before harvest, your farm truck requires a flat replacement unexpectedly, or it’s time to replace implement tires, we know how to do it right, and will get it done when you need it.

Your Source for the Brands You Want

Have a tire brand you trust? From Goodyear and Michelin to Firestone and Alliance, we have access to the tires you want and need, and in a timely fashion. Looking for a replacement farm tire on a budget? We’ll help you find the right farm tires for your needs at a price you can afford.

Our tire experts are equipped with the professional equipment required to replace or service your farm tires of all sizes. And with years of experience working on agricultural vehicles like yours, you can trust it’s done right every time.

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