Shocks & Struts

You want your drive to be smooth and trouble-free. Routine suspension checks are part of good vehicle maintenance, and that includes your shocks. Your car’s suspension is critical to a safe, stable ride and should always be kept in perfect working order. At Tire Factory, we do more than just tires. You can trust our certified mechanics to check and repair any suspension concerns you have, including your shocks.

Why Your Vehicle’s Shocks Do

All vehicles are equipped with shocks or struts – a pair in the front, and a pair in the rear. They’re more fully known as “shock absorbers”, a name that describes well the role that your shocks perform.

Inside shocks and struts, a gas or fluid charge is forced through valves in the cartridge. As the shock is compressed, it’s forced to once side. When the shock extends, the fluid passes through the other way. It’s the restriction from its valves that gives a shock its damping properties, absorbing vibrations as you drive for a smooth, consistent feel.

But over time, shocks become less effective. Their charge can leak out, mounting bushings may wear, or the shock might bend due to a strong impact. On average, it’s fair to expect shocks to last approximately 40,000 to 60,000 miles before replacement is due.

The Right Parts for the Job

At Tire Factory, you can trust that your car will always get the right parts for the suspension job at hand, whether it’s replacement shocks, struts, or any other components. High-quality name-brand aftermarket and OEM shocks and struts are used to ensure you get the lasting reliability you expect.

Expert Service

Regardless of the make and model you drive, put your faith in Tire Factory for your new shocks or struts. Our mechanics are certified and have the experience you demand for your suspension repairs. From Ford trucks to Dodge cars and Mercedes SUVs or Toyota minivans, our mechanics are skilled to perform repairs on all types of vehicles.

Not only will you receive expert repairs, but the highest level of customer service possible. You’ll receive a complimentary visual inspection, and you’ll be advised of any additional concerns that might arise. At Tire Factory, you’ll get the care you want and the repairs you need for an excellent experience every time.

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