Cooling System

Engine health is much more than just lubrication. It also involves keeping the engine at the optimum operating temperature, and that’s why your car is equipped with a cooling system. Routine maintenance is important for the cooling system, and an occasional repair may be necessary to keep your vehicle running properly. For all cooling system maintenance and repairs, trust your car to the experts at Tire Factory.

Why the Cooling System is Important

Every ignition cycle inside your engine’s cylinders is a small explosion that generates an immense amount of heat. Friction also causes engine temperatures to skyrocket quickly. The cooling system uses antifreeze fluid to whisk away excess heat to the radiator where the heat dissipates into the atmosphere.

Every part of the cooling system is important – the water pump, heater core, radiator, thermostat, hoses, gaskets, and more. If a leak develops or one of the many parts fails, your engine will quickly overheat. The result? It can be catastrophic to your engine.

How Tire Factory Helps

At Tire Factory, professional, expertly-trained mechanics pinpoint the problem with your car’s cooling system. From aging domestic makes and models to newer foreign cars, your cooling system issues are no match for our mechanics.

After an accurate diagnosis, you’ll receive an estimate and a detailed explanation of all required repairs. We want you to fully understand what cooling system repairs are necessary and why. Our team will work with you to choose the right repair plan for your time and budget, allowing you to get back to driving as soon as you can.

The Best in Parts and Fluids

Auto repairs never happen at a good time – they’re costly and frustratingly time-consuming. At Tire Factory, we value your time, and we want your cooling system repairs to last as long as possible. That’s why all cooling system repairs use high-grade aftermarket or OEM parts and the make-specific coolant you need for your cooling system to be reliable long into the future.

We’re proud of the workmanship we provide to you, our customer. Honest, professional, and friendly customer service is our promise for all repairs, whether it’s a routine cooling system flush, a radiator repair, a water pump replacement, or anything else.

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