Tire Siping

Are you looking to get more from your tires – either extend their lifecycle, enhance your ride comfort, or improve their performance? Tire siping is a process that can get you the results you want. This routine tire modification is just one of the services available at Tire Factory. Let our team of certified mechanics keep you rolling for longer with tire siping services.

What is Tire Siping All About?

Extra siping can be recommended for various reasons. Your tires may not channel rain or snow away very well, your tread is worn, or you want better braking and acceleration traction. By increasing the number of small lines in tire tread blocks, or sipes, you can achieve the results you’re looking for. Extended use, less heat buildup for reduced wear, better performance in slippery conditions – tire siping can help.

Each tire is fitted on a machine that makes precise micro-cuts in each tread block. It’s a simple, quick procedure that has a significant impact on safe driving.

Precision Tire Services

From a hardworking pickup truck or commercial van to farm equipment and performance vehicles, Tire Factory is equipped to perform all your tire services, including tire siping. It’s about more than just enhancing your tires’ performance. It’s about helping you keep your tires in top condition so you can drive safely, no matter what.

Our dedicated team of auto service professionals will inspect your tires and advise when tire siping can be an advantage to you. We will review your options in detail so you can make an informed decision.

The Service You Expect

At Tire Factory, we take pride in everything we do, and value each of our customers as top priority. Our certified mechanics work hard to ensure tire service is performed accurately, because we want you to be fully satisfied.

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